Get my Texas Driver's License Back

Legal License Specialists is a non-profit legal service that assists moderate to low income adults who have acquired a large amount of debt to the State of Texas due to surcharges, tickets, DUI, judgments and accidents. Get my Texas Driver’s License Back

How Can I Get My Texas Driver’s License Back?

It all starts with a phone call. Call 1-888-400-6494. Have your valid Texas ID Card or expired driver’s license ready.  We will help you acquire your occupational license to ensure that you can drive legal again. No one should have the hardship of not being able to drive to and from work due to a suspended Texas driver’s license.

Once we have acquired a valid driver’s license for you, we follow that up by helping to reduce your suspended license surcharge debt to ensure that you can acquire your regular Class C Texas driver’s license.

Our turnaround time is quick and efficient depending on your ability to provide accurate information. It is our mission to provide you with the best Texas Legal Services at the the lowest price possible.

Our corporate office is located in the Austin metropolitan area. We provide legal services in all 254 counties in the State of Texas. You can contact us here.

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Other Texas Legal Services We Provide

Legal License Specialists do0es more than help you get your Texas Occupational Driver’s License. We also help you recover from excessive surcharge fees associated with a suspended Texas Driver’s License. We also supply employee driver’s license monitoring to ensure all of your employees are qualified to continue driving for your company.

In addition to those Texas legal services, we also help you prepare a wide variety of legal documents that range from adoption, wills and eviction documents to corporate, loan and real estate documents. Click here to learn more about the Texas legal services we provide.

Get my Texas Driver's License Back
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