As an employer, you can’t afford to have any of your drivers become ineligible to drive in the state of Texas and not be aware of it. If one of your employees becomes ineligible to drive and doesn’t notify you, your liability increases dramatically.

What is Texas Driver Eligibility Monitoring?

Legal License Specialists monitors the driving eligibility of all employees who drive on your behalf. Our services include …

  • Monthly Eligibility Checks
  • We Provide you with employee driving records
  • We Help  with suspended license reinstatement.
  • We negotiate driver’s license surcharge reductions
  • We help your employee to acquire an Occupational Driver’s License if needed

The Occupational License will allow your employee to legally drive if their original license was suspended. This will give and employer the flexibility of still allowing their employee to drive and eliminate drastic measures such having to terminate or restrict them to the work site if the company requires driving as a part of your employee’s job description. To find out more, call us at 888-400-6494 or click here to use our contact form and we’ll respond as soon as possible.