Texas Judgment Negotiation, Removal and Settlements

Do you have a judgement against you in the state of Texas? In recent years, the number of judgements that have been levied against people has risen dramatically. If you have a judgement against you, LLS will help you. Our judgement negotiation services are affordable and we provide you with fast service. You shouldn’t feel burdened by a judgement if your circumstances haven’t allowed you to get out from under this debt. Call us at 1-888-400-6494 for a free assessment of your situation or use our contact form here.

How Does a Texas Judgement Work?

Your particular situation may be different, but most people who get a judgement against them in the state of Texas never actually went to court. There was no trial in most cases. It’s estimated that at least 80% of the people who end up with a judgement against them in the state of Texas ignored it altogether. By not showing up or answering the lawsuit to challenge it, the courts usually find a default judgement against the defendant.

Getting a default judgement against you in Texas is the same as if you had a trial. The reason it’s called a default judgement is you’ve actually lost the case without ever getting to tell your side of the story. Click here to contact us or call us directly at 1-888-400-6494.

What Can Happen if I Have Judgment Against Me in Texas?

Credit card companies, creditors and debt buyers in Texas who are holding a judgement against you can proceed in a number of ways …

They might be able to garnish your bank account by filing a garnishment lawsuit against your bank to collect the funds that are there. Your account could be frozen where you have no access to the funds until it’s decided in court.

A lien can be filed against property that you own. It’s done by filing an abstract of judgement with the county you live in. You would have a very difficult time selling any property that has a lien like this on it. You can get a partial release of a lien that resulted due to a judgement against you in Texas if the property is a homestead.

To get a free assessment of your particular situation and to see if we can negotiate a settlement on your Texas judgement or even get it removed. Click here to contact us or call us directly at 1-888-400-6494.