Just got your freedom to drive legal in Texas again? Feels great right?

Now let us help you recover from all your Texas surcharge fees and other fines you may have!

Many people in your situation complete the 1-2 years with their occupational license and end up with a suspended license again because they did not take care of Texas surcharges and/or fines they have.

Our Recovery Program gives you peace of mind. Knowing that while you are driving legal for up to two years with your Texas Occupational Drivers License, we are helping to lower your surcharge fees and fines where possible and/or helping you with a payments plan you can afford.

By the time you are ready to leave Texas occupational license status you will then be ready to get your normal Texas driver’s license. Once it is reinstated you can go to DPS and get your license reactivated. Simple as that!

This is where we can help! Let the experienced advocates assist you and keep you driving… Call 888-400-6494 or Contact Us Here.