Can you help me get a Texas Occupational License?

Legal License Specialists agents are experts at getting occupational licenses in Texas, especially for those who have little or no income. We help you through every step and make sure you understand the process and know your legal rights. You can’t afford for a suspended or revoked license to keep you from maintaining or getting employment. We’re just a phone call away: 888-400-6494. Or you can go to our contact form here. We’ll be happy to help you.

What can I do with an occupational license once it is granted?

An occupational license endorsement allows you to drive legally in Texas without being cited for driving with a suspended license or driving while license is invalid.

If you drive with a suspended license you can be charged with a Class “B” misdemeanor punishable up to 6 months in jail. It isn’t worth the risk.

The purpose of an occupational license is to allow you to drive to and from work without the risk of being arrested or cited. This allows for you to serve your punishment for the suspension but does not completely destroy your ability to support yourself and your family in the process. An occupational license in Texas can only be used for a maximum of 12 hours per day. Many judges will allow the 12 hours to be divided up into split times if you have a job that requires you to work or drive at odd hours during the day or night. Call us at 888.400.6494 or use our contact form here.

Texas Occupational Drivers License Fees

The process may seem complicated but actually it is very simple. Once your fees are paid then you go to court. Included are a list of fees and some fees will not apply depending on your case. Each case is different and will be determined by our staff. Some of the items you will need are …

  • SR22 Insurance (Required)
  • Liability Insurance (Required)
  • Texas State ID or Expired Driver’s License

What is the cost of obtaining an occupational license in Texas?

The cost depends largely on the reason for the suspension. We charge a flat fee that includes ALL fees, so you don’t get the order and never have it approved by The Texas Department of Public Safety. We sincerely want to help you get back on track and driving legally at a reasonable rate. The sooner you get the process started, the sooner you will have your Texas Occupational Driver’s License. Call 888-400-6494 for a free quote or use our contact form here.